Degrees and Certifications:

Miss S. Duran

¡Hola! 👋🏽

I am Miss Duran 👩🏻‍🏫, this is my third year at Aurelian Springs Institute of Global Learning! 🏫 I am part of the Spanish Immersion Program.

I was born in Mexico City, but I have lived in several places around my country. I grew up in Merida, Yucatan, a state in the southeast of Mexico where I learned about the Mayan culture and I am proud of coming from them.

I graduated in 2016 obtaining my bachelor's degree in Primary Education. I have studied remotely at University of Salamanca, Spain, obtaining a certificate as a Professor of Spanish as a foreign language, and currently doing the LETRS Training "The science of reading".

 I am so thrilled to be here sharing my knowledge, culture and enthusiasm with your kindergarten kids! 👧🏽👦🏿👧🏻👦🏼