1. Exit other applications on your computer prior to entering the classroom.

    2. Come to class early.

    3. Dress appropriately. Remember this is still a classroom setting.

    4. Use your full name when you sign into the classroom.

    5. When you enter the classroom, make sure to enable both audio and video. You can click “Start Video” and “Join Audio” in the bottom menu. For audio connection, you can choose to connect via the computer or dial-in on your phone. 

    6. Mute your microphone during the lesson to avoid disturbing the class with any background noise.

    7. Be respectful. 

    8. Participate. When you have a question or comment, use the “Raise your Hand” button that can be found in the window that pops up when you click on Participants in the bottom menu. Wait to be acknowledged by the teacher before unmuting yourself to speak. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Option+Y on a Mac or Alt+Y on a PC to raise your hand.

    9. Use the chat responsibly. It is meant to facilitate conversation around the lesson topic, not for sideline discussions.

    10. When your class is over, leave the classroom by closing the window.