Staff Directory

  • Below is a list of all staff at Inborden Elementary. A fully searchable directory of all staff in the district is available on the Halifax County Schools website

First Name Last Name Location Job Title Email Address Extension
Wilma Bryant IESA Teacher Assistant K
Sandra Burnette IESA Child Nutrition Assistant
Lillian Daniel IESA Child Nutrition Assistant
Veronica Davis IESA Data Manager
Skip De Lyon IESA Music Teacher de
Benita Fields IESA EC Pre-K Support
Michelle Fields IESA Teacher Assistant Kindergarten
Cadine Hamilton IESA 2nd Grade Teacher
Linda Hedgepeth IESA Child Nutrition Manager
Tonya Hedgepeth IESA Principal
Frederica Higgs IESA 1st Teacher
Angela Hilliard IESA Instructional Coach
Brenda Horton IESA Child Nutrition Assistant
Katie Jenkins IESA Kindergarten Teacher
Dwayne Johnson IESA 4th Grade Teacher
Markea Nicholson IESA Pre-K Teacher Assistant
Sandra Pittman IESA Child Nutrition Assistant
Bernadine Pittman IESA Pre-K Teacher
Pamela Richardson IESA 5th Grade Teacher
Brinda Robinson IESA Kindergarten Teacher
Linda Smith IESA 1st Grade Teacher
Ann Smith IESA Teacher
Christopher Walker IESA 5th Grade Teacher
Jersan Ward IESA Exceptional Child Teacher
Janet Ward IESA Teacher Assistant - EC
Phyllis Whitaker IESA Teacher Assistant Pre-K
Marita Williams IESA 1st Grade Teacher
Jennifer Williams IESA 3rd Grade Teacher
Rosemarie Williams IESA 4th Grade Teacher
Mary Williams IESA Custodian
Valerie Williams IESA Teacher Assistant - Pre-K
Jessica Woodson IESA Social Worker (Inborden & Scotland Neck)