Ms. Jasmin C. Carter

Phone: 252-519-0300


Degrees and Certifications:

BS Industrial Engineering (2002) Certified in Middle School Math

Ms. Jasmin C. Carter


     Product of Halifax County Schools (Hollister Elementary, Eastman Middle, Northwest Halifax High) ℅ 1997

     NC A&T SU - Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering ℅ 2002

     I enjoy crafting (including beading earrings, bracelets, etc. And making dream catchers)

     I have 3 children in HCS schools

     I subscribe to Scientific American Mind magazine

     I began my teaching career in August 2004 at W.R. Davie Middle

     I have taught math in grades 6, 7 & 8 (as I was THE middle school teacher/department at Haliwa-Saponi

        Tribal School 2015-16)


How does science impact your life daily?  

Science (and Technology) go hand-in-hand for simple inventions, such at a ball point pen and a mechanical pencil to electricity for lights and cooking. Looking around it is evident that science was a part of making the materials the walls and floors we walk on are made of. Chemistry and Physics go into the process of those, and that is just a very minute thing relative to the world around us and beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.


What is your favorite science concept or who is your favorite scientist and why?

Science is too diverse for me to choose a favorite concept or scientist.


How have technology advancements changed education?  

Technology has made the world smaller. With the use of computers, smart phones and the internet, anything can be looked up at the touch of a few buttons, and a click of the mouse.


How will you use technology to enhance your instruction and catapult student learning?

Use of school initiated programs on the computers. Also have students research information on their own about concepts that are taught in 7th grade math.


How will you tap into the curiosity of the students to create? 

Students will present their STEM projects at the end of the year (as a team or individual).     My 7th grade students will have a Dream House Project to do this year. This will involve them having to actually build a model of their dream house after they have gone through designing a scale drawing. The model will have to reflect the drawing they made. The scale of the model  will have to be in proportion to the scale on the final drawing. This will include all aspects of their house, from the height of the walls to the width of doorways and hallways. This project will be an individual one. It is possible to expand this project to include giving students a budget and having them research and price supplies that their house would require for being built in the “real world.”


How important is math in everyday life?  

It relates to things seen and done daily without you even realizing it. Finances, Architecture, Reading, Writing,


What is one suggestion for students who are afraid of math?

Math is a mental playground. You can find it everywhere