Mrs. Marijoe Thomas

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Mrs. Marijoe Thomas

Dear Stakeholders:

I am indeed grateful for a new school year and one I esteem as being very special, based on the fact that I am privileged to be working with you this academic school year. I salute you and I anticipate working with all of you throughout this academic year.

I am an educator from Jamaica and I have been working in an educator’s capacity since the year 2000. My motto is: “Hard Work Plus Education Equal Success.”

I share the belief of the Ministry of Education (MOE) from my homeland Jamaica, that, “Every Child Can Learn; Every Child Must Learn.” I am cognizant of the fact that children possess individual abilities and therefore they perform at various levels. Bearing this in mind, it is my expectation that my students will perform near, at and above their grade levels; however, my broader aim is for my students to perform at grade level.
I know this accomplishment is mostly possible through team work, therefore, it is my expectation that you, my parents,will join with me in a collaborative effort for the greater good for the success of this program; your students’ academic year with me.

With regards to our school’s motto here at Everetts, “The Future Begins Here,” I implore you to reinforce these further expectation with your child/ children in an effort in making them professionally marketable for a global world for the 21st century and beyond. These include; however, not limited to the followings: follow classroom rules, be on time, be prepared for class, be considerate and respectful, show respect for school property and students, hand in assignment on time, wait to be dismissed, use an inside voice, actively participate in class discussion, stay seated during classroom activities and events, help each other, work quietly and follow directions and raise hands before speaking.

I am passionate about teaching and therefore, I have your children’s best interests at heart. Whenever I am not involved in the business of education; the joint collaboration of educating our nation’s children, the feeling I get is one of an invaluable human resource.

Having this love for teaching and the success for the nation’s children, I will ensure that I use differentiated instruction in giving hands-on experiences in an integrative and collaborative learning environment with an effort to get students comprehending at the literal, critical and inferential levels in all disciplines. Some methodology to be utilized to give your students the required challenges include field trips, research, and experiments. Formative as well as summative assessment will be utilized to keep track of students’ progress.

Parents, be reminded that our immediate school family here at Everetts will not be able to succeed as a unit; therefore, I implore you today to be actively involved in your school’s Parents Teachers Association (PTA) as well as Class (PTA) and all other related activities to ensure the success of the holistic development of your children, the school, and the county.

Let us unite and work towards progress.