• NC Pre-K Supply List 2018-2019

    Moms and Dads: Supplies your child will need:

    For School: *Complete change of clothes *A small lightweight blanket or small towel for naptime

    For Home: *Construction paper (for homework) *Crayons/pencils *Paper *Scissors *Glue *Craft

    Items Donations of any of the following will be greatly appreciated: *2 boxes gallon Ziploc bags

    *1 quart box Ziploc bags *1 container of baby wipes (nonallergeric) *2 boxes of Kleenex *

    1 roll paper towels *1 hand sanitizer * 1 UBS flash drive (jump drive) *glue sticks

    *5oz drinking cups (plastic or paper)or mouthwash size *1 pack copy paper

    ***Please send donations to school as soon as possible!***

    Thanks, Mrs. Horton