Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. TreQuan Richardson


Halifax County graduate

Bachelors in Business Management

Graduated from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University

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  • Entrepreneurship II


    The course, Entrepreneurship II, is rigorous and relevant, is based on state and national content standards, and engages technology to teach today’s generation of students. Business and industry representatives reviewed the standards and provided input on the content for this course as one that helps to prepare students for high-skill, high-wage, or in-demand occupational opportunities.


    What will this course cover?

    1.00 -  business planning, business ethics, resources, and risks,

    2.00 -  costs of starting up and running a business,

    3.00 - the impact of product, place, promotion, and pricing,

    4.00 - market analysis and planning marketing activities, and

    5.00 - accounting procedures to track money flow and determine financial status.


    Class Schedule

    1st Block -

    3rd Block -



    Course Syllabus

    Entrepreneurship II Syllabus



  • Sales II


    This course teaches students the art of selling and will build on the content from the MI31 Sales I course. Students will further develop their personal brand and will continue to work on communication and customer service skills in addition to learning about pre- and post-sales activities. Students will use role plays to engage in the selling process and will learn to think on their feet. Project-based learning, English language arts, mathematics, and social studies are reinforced.


    What will this course cover?

    1.00 - Understand sales processes and techniques to enhance customer relationships and to increase the likelihood of making sales.

    2.00 - Understand pre-sale activities used to facilitate sales presentations.

    3.00 - Understand post-sales follow-up activities to foster ongoing relationships with customers.

    4.00 - Understand legal and ethical considerations, regulations, and selling policies.


    Class Schedule

    2nd Block - 


    Course Syllabus


    Sales II Syllabus


  • Classroom Rules & Expectations

    As young adults, our students expect to be treated with the same respect that we expect from them. With that being said, rules for the classrooms are:

    • Students are responsible for all work assigned
    • Respect your teachers (not only me) and your peers
    • Use class time for positive productivity
    • No usage of profanity
    • Come to class and be great!

  • Supply List

    Students will be required to bring their personal laptops as tools to complete assignments as well as recieving announcements. 

  • Southeast Collegiate Prep Academy 


    Regular Bell Schedule


    Time Frame

    # of Mins


    7:40am - 7:55am

    15 mins

    Block 1

    8:00am - 9:30am

    90 mins

    Block 2

    9:35am - 11:05am

    90 mins


    11:08am - 11:48am

    40 mins

    Block 3

    1st Lunch

    2nd Lunch


    Lunch A   11:48 - 12:13

    Class: 12:16pm - 1:45pm

    Class: 11:51am - 1:21pm

    Lunch B   1:21 - 1:45

    90 mins for block

    25 mins for lunches

    4 mins transitions

    Total = 119 mins

    Approx 30 mins between lunch A&B

    Block 4

    1:48pm - 3:15pm

    87 mins


    Trojan Triumph Time

    Monday-1st Block

    Tuesday-2nd Block

    Wednesday-3rd Block

    Thursday-4th Block

    Classroom Daily Agenda

    Do Now - 10 minutes

    Daily review - 15 minutes

    Independent practices - 30 minutes

    Small groups - 30 minutes

    Closure - 5 minutes

    *Any and all changes to scheduling will be communicated in a timely manner.*

  • Office Hours & Class Times

    Breakfast - 7:40 am - 7:55 am

    1st Block - 8:00 am - 9:30 am  

    2nd Block - 9:35 am - 11:05 am

    TTT - 11:08 am - 11:48 am

    3rd Block - 11:51 am - 1:45 pm

    4th Block - 1:48 pm - 3:15 pm (Planning Period)