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Spelling Bee Winners

spelling bee

Congratulations to the following 1ST, 2ND, AND THIRD PLACE WINNERS for the Halifax County School District Spelling Bee 2019: 


3rd Grade:

1st Place: La'Tavious Mason -   Everetts 

2nd Place: Anthony Silver - Hollister

3rd Place: Sheadyn Mills - Aurelian Springs


4th Grade: 

1st Place: Travis Shoulars - Aurelian Springs

2nd Place: Armani Edmonds - Everetts

3rd Place: Silas Young - Everetts


5th Grade:

1st Place: Shaniece Davis - Inborden

2nd Place: Elizabeth Love - Aurelian Springs

3rd Place: Richard Flynn - Aurelian Springs


6th Grade:

1st Place: Alyssa Richardson - Davie

2nd Place: Jamarries Harvey - Davie

3rd Place: Caleb Richardson - Davie


7th Grade:

1st Place: Julie Parrish - Davie

2nd Place: Aniyah Pittman - Enfield 

3rd Place: Donte Fields - Davie


8th Grade:

1st Place: Alivia Brinkley - Davie

2nd Place: Firona Dong - Enfield

3rd Place: Zashaya Bryant – Enfield


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