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Chastity Kinsey: Peeling back the onion

When I first started as principal of Inborden Elementary S.T.E.A.M. Academy, I wanted to save the world, accomplish big things, and fix everybody’s problems.

You see, making a difference at Inborden Elementary mattered to me. It’s been part of my world my entire life. I went to elementary school there, my mom taught there for 40 years, and my daddy was a principal at a sister school in the county. It’s my community.

And as part of rural Halifax County, Inborden Elementary belongs to one of North Carolina’s most struggling school districts. We face several gaps in learning — and a lot of problems that need fixing.

But that first year as principal, I didn’t know that much about fixing problems. I was like a frozen computer. You know that wheel that spins on your screen, buffering? That was me. Buffering.

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