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Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule:


7:30-7:55               Arrival Time Buses/Breakfast

8:45-10:10             First Block/Planning

10:15-11:40           Second Block

11:50-1:45             Third  Block

11:50-12:15           First Lunch

12:20-12:45           Second Lunch

12:50-1:15             Third Lunch                     

1:50- 3:15              Fourth Block


Special Note: Teachers with students during 4th Block will escort students to the bus area each day. Teachers who have 4th Block planning will stand under the breezeway during the dismissal time or between the gym and 400 Building!  

Homeroom will end after the tenth day of school, which is September 3rd.

**Viking Time will serve in one week intervals:

Week of August 23rd: First Block

Week of August 30th: Second Block

Week of September 7th: Third Block

Week of September 13th: Fourth Block