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Mr. Ben Eustice

Dear Hollister Cub Parents/Guardians,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome everyone to the 2022-2023 school year!  All of us here have been preparing tirelessly for the return of our students. I am looking forward to working with all the amazing students, parents, and educators that have chosen to be a part of the Hollister Elementary Academy Leadership Academy family! 
With a new year comes new opportunities for all of us to show the great things we are capable of as leaders in our own areas of expertise. Students are hungry to get back and prove how much they want to know! Staff are all excited to get students back and help guide them to be the best young leaders and learners they can be! And as a new leader in the school I am ready to jump in and do anything I can to support our staff, students, their families, and the community!
Students are scheduled to return to in person learning on August 23, 2021. This will be the first day of many where we all can take our next steps into becoming a leader! Students, we expect you to come with an open mind and a ready attitude. Parents, we ask that you give us the trust to keep your child safe and to educate them to the best of our ability! With dedication to these ideas and teamwork there is nothing that can prevent us from all having an amazing year together! 
As it gets closer to the first day for students please be sure to have an open communication with the school. School communications will be shared often on callouts, emails, school webpages, the school Facebook page, and class dojo pages. Communication from all stakeholders is a crucial piece for keeping all of our students and families safe and on track to receive the best education possible. I look forward to a great year with everyone!
Benjamin Eustice, Principal
Dear Hollister Cub Parents/Guardians,

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