Message from the Principal

  • Dear Scotland Neck Elementary Leadership Academy families, students, staff and community members,

    As we continue this new learning journey together it is always best to remember, the more we work together the easier the work will be. Parents, I ask you to continue reaching out to teachers on a daily basis to continue to hold our students accountable for learning and growing. Students, I ask you to continue to focus on strengthening your leadership skills while continueing your online learning here at Scotland Neck Elementary Leadership Academy. Keep the following items in your minds while we continue to be away from each other. 

    Be SELF-MOTIVATED and push yuourself to learn new content every day at home. 

    Show you can be RESPONSIBLE by completing school work, household chores, and all daily tasks. 

    RESPECT your family members and your community and treat everyone with care in these turbulant times. 

    Show you are SINCERE and be honest and open with your family about what you need help with while away from school. 

    Be and INDEPENDENT learner and show you can do great things without the influence of others. 

    Show your GRIT during these times by working towards your goals and acheiving them no matter what gets in your way!

    I urge our students to show these leadership qualities in these times away from school. Parents please hold your students accountable and share the great things they are accomplishing with us here at school. Thank you all for your continued support and uderstanding as we chart our new course. 

    Please call the school with any questions or concerns at (252) 826-4413. You may also contact me directly by email at


    Together as a school family we will get through this and we will be smarter, stronger, and more unified! We love you and will always be here to help you reach your goals! 

    Mr. Benjamin Eustice   

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