• Williams Hello Viking Family!

    It is with great pride that I introduce myself as the new instructional leader of William R. Davie Middle S.T.E.M. Academy. This promises to be a year filled with golden opportunities for all of our students as we strive to find ways that we can be even better than we have been before! 

    Throughout this transformational period in our institution, many new and diverse learning experiences will take place for the optimal success and growth of our students. Our goal as educators is not only to challenge our students; but ourselves as well. Therefore, our teachers will be prepared to equip our students within our learning environment with the necessary tools for success. In addition, students who attend William R. Davie Middle S.T.E.M. Academy must be prepared to participate in a rigorous learning environment that will prepare them to function efficiently   in the 21st century. The expectation is that each student will be thinking critically and employing higher order thinking skills in all grade levels.

    As an experienced educator of 30 years with knowledge of research based “Best Practices” in education, I am passionate about students learning through self-discovery and assisting teachers to become better at their craft. Thus, I am eager to create a working partnership with our staff, parents and community members as we grow our students to their optimum potential.

    Our journey will not be a walk in the park, but together, I am positive that we will move William R. Davie Middle S.T.E.M. Academy to the next level. So, let us embrace the change as we chart this new course to student achievement!

    If you have any questions please call me at (252) 519-0300, or contact me by email at:

    I am looking forward to an amazing and interesting school year and being a part of the future success of William R. Davie Middle S.T.E.M. Academy!


    Your Instructional Leader,

    Jerome Williams