Staff Directory

  • Below is a list of all staff at Northwest Halifax High. A fully searchable directory of all staff in the district is available on the Halifax County Schools website

First Name Last Name Location Job Title Email Address Extension
Kenya Arnold NCTA English Teacher
Sharon Arrington NCTA Empowerment Zone Coordinator
Richard Auka NCTA Science Teacher
Gilbert Avent NCTA Band Teacher
Shirley Bell NCTA Custodian
Audrea Bennett NCTA Family & Consumer Science Teacher
Tracy Brinkley NCTA English Teacher
Pamela Burnette NCTA Teacher Assistant Except Child
Georgia Carroll NCTA Art Teacher
Loretta Carter NCTA Empowerment Zone Facilitator
Jose Cipriano NCTA Exceptional Teacher
Nannie Clements NCTA Child Nutrition Assistant
Deborah Epps NCTA Teacher Assistant Exceptional Child
Barbara Fitts NCTA Powerschool Manager
Donald Ford NCTA Agriculture Teacher
Tiotta Gills NCTA Exceptional Child Teacher Assistant
James Hall NCTA Custodian-Head
Lisa Hart NCTA Child Nutrition Manager
Schquetta Hawkins NCTA Business Teacher
LaShaunda Hedgepeth NCTA Teacher Assistant Exceptional Child
Willie Hewlin NCTA Child Nutrition Assistant
Steve Hunter NCTA Principal
Gloria Jackson NCTA Clerical Bookkeeper
Janice Jones NCTA Empowerment Zone Facilitator
Michael Jones NCTA ROTC
Monica Kinsey NCTA Biology Teacher
Georgeanna Minggia NCTA Instructional Coach
Vanity Newell NCTA Physical & Health Education Teacher
Srinivas Pannela NCTA Exceptional Children's Teacher
Demetris Phipps NCTA In-School Suspension Monitor
Darlicia Pope NCTA Exceptional Teacher
Kimberly Richardson NCTA Custodian
Shaquandra Richardson NCTA Marketing/Business Teacher
Jacquelyn Ruffin NCTA Media Coordinator
Tonya Scott NCTA Math Teacher
Edwin Sexton NCTA Social Studies Teacher
Alfreda Smith NCTA CTE Director
Sumalatha Sura NCTA Math Teacher
Doreen Tubbs NCTA Counselor
Ivey Webb NCTA Cosmetology Teacher
Tashana White NCTA Math Teacher
Caroline York NCTA AVID Teacher