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  • Inborden Elementary School/About Us / History of Inborden Elementary SchoolHistory of Inborden Elementary School
    The original Thomas Sewell Inborden Elementary School is located on sixteen acres of land in the southern part of the town of Enfield, North Carolina on  East Hannon Street.  The school dates back to Sandy Lyons Hall on Pope  Street with John Love serving as principal.  A graded school was built in 1923, through the cooperative efforts of parents and the town of Enfield.

    In 1925, the need for a new school was evident; therefore the “New Graded School” was built at the Hannon Street site.  In 1945, the building was consumed by fire and the local churches were used as classrooms. An elementary building was completed 1946, and named T.S. Inborden, honoring a prominent black educator, Thomas Sewell Inborden.  Mr. Inborden was president of Bricks Junior College in Bricks, North Carolina.  In 1654, a high school building opened it doors on the east side of the campus.  In 1960, a modern elementary building was built on the west campus.  The next year an agricultural building was erected in the extreme east end of the campus.

    When schools began to integrate in 1969, Inborden became an elementary school, housing pupils in grades K-8.  A lunchroom was built and the agricultural building was renovated and converted into a new media center.As a result of district reorganizations between the school years 1981-83, Inborden evolved from a union school (Grades 1-12) to an elementary school (Grades PreK-5).  It is presently operated by the Halifax County Board of Education utilizing federal, state, and local government funding.

    After years of planning and campaigning, a new Inborden Elementary School was built.  The new school structure houses both the middle and elementary schools and sits on 35 acres of land off of Highway 481 in the Enfield area.  January 2008 students and staff from Inborden Elementary moved to its new facility.

    Inborden Elementary School was renamed "Inborde Elementary S.T.E.A.M. Academy in July 2017.