• Barbara W. Harris

    Phone: 252-586-4125

    Email: harrisb@as.halifax.k12.nc.us


    Degrees and Certifications:

    BSN, Registered Nurse

    National Certified School Nurse



    Welcome to our Health Office. My name is Ms. Harris and I am your School Nurse for all the Vibrant Vikings of Northwest Collegiate & Technical Academy. ​


    I have been in School Nursing for over 10 years. I have been a registered nurse for over 30 years. I have experience in all areas of health care. I enjoy taking care of your children and getting to know the parents. Please stop by my office if you have any questions or concerns, or call me anytime. My office is always open. I look forward to a great year at Northwest Collegiate & Technical Academy with the staff and students.


    School nursing is a very specialized area of professional practice.  In North Carolina, school nurses are required to be registered nurses with a baccalaureate degree and achieve national board certification in school nursing.  School nurses work to promote and protect student health, facilitate optimal development, and advance academic success.  Grounded in ethical and evidence-based practice, school nurses are the leaders who bridge health care and education, provide care coordination, advocate for quality student-centered care, and collaborate to design systems that allow individuals and communities to develop their full potential.

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Forms and Polices

Immunization Information

School Information

  • Medication Policy  

    • Medication form with physician signature & parental consent
    • Original container
    • A parent must drop off medication. Children are not allowed to deliver medications.
    • Any questions please call me 826-4413 or 445-2027

    Communicable Diseases:

    • A doctor’s note is required when your child has been absent with such illnesses as strep throat, scarlet fever or questionable rashes.  If you have any questions, please keep in touch with me.


    • Fever over 100.0 degrees
    • Undiagnosed rash
    • Vomiting/diarrhea
    • Red, watery eye with yellow discharge
    • Symptoms that prevent them from participating in school, i.e. uncontrollable nasal discharge, excessive coughing or fatigue, sore throat.
    • Please keep your child home for 24 hours after vomiting or diarrhea has stopped.
    • Students should be fever-free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication before returning to school.

     Orthopedic Injuries

    • If your child comes in with an ace bandage, splint, arm sling please come in with him or her to the health office with a Doctor’s note.
    • A crutch order is necessary from your Doctor.
    • A Doctor’s note is needed to be excused from Physical Education Class

     Food Allergies Can Be Life-Threatening!

    • Only non-food items, such as pencils, erasers, and stickers, may be sent to school to celebrate a student’s birthday.
    • Other celebrations containing food items must be pre-approved by the Principal and a full list of ingredients must be sent in 7 days prior to the celebration.

    Please avoid sending in products that may contain nut products.