Central Services Directory

First Name Last Name Location Job Title Email Address Extension
Tyrana Battle Central Services Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction battlet@halifax.k12.nc.us 230
Chris Beneck Central Services Director of Media & Technology Services beneckc@halifax.k12.nc.us 228
Faith Boakye Central Services Director of the Whole Child Development boakyef@halifax.k12.nc.us 237
Lisa Bulluck Central Services EC Compliance Specialist bulluckl@halifax.k12.nc.us
James Clark Central Services Custodian clarkj@halifax.k12.nc.us 242
Diane Cofield Central Services Receptionist cofieldd@halifax.k12.nc.us 261
Deijon Collier Central Services Accounts Payable Specialist collierd@halifax.k12.nc.us
Eric Cunningham Central Services Superintendent cunninghame@halifax.k12.nc.us 220
Quatasia De'Shay Central Services HR Administrative Assistant deshayq@halifax.k12.nc.us 269
Michele English Central Services Technology Technician englishm@halifax.k12.nc.us 275
Devin Jerman Central Services Purchasing Specialist jermand@halifax.k12.nc.us
Charlene Jones Central Services Benefits Specialist jonesc@halifax.k12.nc.us 292
Mae Mardre Central Services Clerical Ch Nutrition mardrem@halifax.k12.nc.us 243
LaVonne McClain Central Services Director of CTE mcclainl@halifax.k12.nc.us 229
Linda McGuire Central Services Custodian mcguirel@halifax.k12.nc.us 242
Tiwana Middleton Central Services Exec. Asst. to Supt. middletont@halifax.k12.nc.us 248
Carolyn Mitchell Central Services HR Coordinator or Recruitment & Retention mitchellc@halifax.k12.nc.us 270
Gregory Monroe Central Services Executive Director for Human Resources & Operations monroeg@halifax.k12.nc.us 263
Kermika Nicholson Central Services Internal Auditor nicholsonk@halifax.k12.nc.us 221
Joseph Otranto Central Services Director of Child Nutrition otrantoj@halifax.k12.nc.us 245
Darian Pressley Central Services Public Relations pressleyd@halifax.k12.nc.us 235
Johneisha Rackley Central Services Admin. Asst. to Asst. Supt. rackleyj@halifax.k12.nc.us 260
Carolyn Roberts Central Services Director of Professional Teaching and Learning robertsc@halifax.k12.nc.us 225
Shanice Sanders Central Services Chief Finance Officer sanderss@halifax.k12.nc.us 272
Angela Strother Central Services Testing & Accountability strothera@halifax.k12.nc.us
Charles Walker Central Services Driver Ch Nutrition walkerc@halifax.k12.nc.us 243
Tammie Whitaker Central Services Clerical-Exceptional Children whitakert@halifax.k12.nc.us 292
Nehemiah Williams Central Services Accounting Specialist Payroll williamsn@halifax.k12.nc.us 222