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    Tyrana Battle Dr. Tyrana B. Battle
    Assistant Superintendent

    Hello, and what an exciting time it is in education!

    You’ve come to the right place to refine your planning of remote teaching and learning. This Curriculum & Instruction webpage provides access to the NC SCOS, NC Digital Learning Competencies, K-12 Pacing Guides, and various curriculum and instructional support resources. After all, Curriculum & Instruction is where the inspiration for successful learning begins! 

    The year 2020 brought about a significant change in our making connections and assimilating content in the traditional school setting. We’re now educating our students on a remote digital learning frontier, and we’re aiming to meet the needs of the blended learning classrooms. Special thanks to our partners in education who have freely shared and contributed to the HCS’ Remote Instruction Toolkits.

    Whether on or off-campus, students continue to need explicit, systematic guidance and independent enrichment practice to master complex learning targets. You’re invited to take advantage of the grade-level resources and support options to ensure the efficient planning of students’ instructional needs. Feel free to share your best practices as well by contacting the CIA Team. Now is our time to shine together in the lives of America’s best --our students! 

    Best regards for a trailblazing school year!
    Dr. T. Battle, Assistant Superintendent