HCS is proud to offer different options for our 9, 10, and 11 month employees. We understand that although employees that work for a fraction of months throughout the fiscal year, still need a way to be paid in the off months that they are not working in the building. 

    Halifax is happy to offer the following options:

    •  Option 1
      • Receive monthly equal installments based on your months of employment. (i.e. 10 month employees paid over 10 months, etc.)
    •  Option 2
      • Set up a Summer Cash Account through the North Carolina State Employees’ Credit Union. Payroll deductions will be deposited into the employees’ accounts and administered through the SECU. Click Here for More Information
    • Option 3
      • Designate a percentage of your pay that you would like deposited into a separate bank account other than your current direct deposit account.  Click Here for the new Direct Deposit Form.
        • If this option is chosen, please fill out the new direct deposit form and add information in the "Additional Account" section with a percentage that you would like placed in this account.  If you have any questions, please call the finance department.