Message from the Superintendent

  • Greetings, and welcome as we end the year strong from an adventurous Photo of Dr. Cunningham school year!

    First, let me thank you for your support and understanding as we, as a nation and community, responded to the unexpected invasion of COVID-19. I am very proud of how our HCS staff, parents, students, and community leaders handled the demands and challenges of starting the school year. Together, we continued to educate and feed our students during the most unusual of circumstances.

    Halifax County Schools have faced many challenges. We began the school year with face-to-face learning with a mask mandate. On March 21, 2022, we switched to optional masks. During this time we will take things "Slow and Steady", as we try to proceed with a normal school year. Our focus this year is "coherence", which has been defined as the quality of being logical and consistent. Halifax County Schools have implemented processes and procedures to maintain safety throughout our district. We’re confident that our plan is in the best interest of the HCS community. With that said, the timeline of our COVID-19 frontier story is entering another phase. Let’s recap, and forge ahead! 

    Part One 



    Phase I

    3/16/2020 – 6/10/2020

    “Unchartered Waters” – Remote Learning Began


    Phase II

    7/6/2020 – 7/23/2020

    “Riding the Waves” – Virtual Summer Camps


    Phase III

    8/17/2020 – 9/22/2020

    “Anchoring Down” – Reopening the Digital Frontier


    Phase IV 

    10/1/2020- 3/12/2021        

    "Focus on the Essentials" 


    Phase V 

    3/15/2021- 6/30/2021

    "Trailblazing our Paths" 

    Part Two 



    Phase I 

    8/16/2021- Current  "Slow and Steady"- Coherence 

    As we enter Part II, Phase I, we have prepared to bring our staff and students back to begin reopening under our “new normal”. We have to learn from our past and reimagine Halifax County Schools with a focus on coherence. Coherence is the quality of forming a unified whole; being logical and consistent. Keeping our students and staff as safe as possible is a unified effort and remains our top priority.  

    We have launched a Reopening Schools tab on our HCS webpage.  There, you can easily locate updated information on the HCS Reopening Plan, Reopening Process Flow Charts, and the District Remote Instruction Plan. I encourage all parents and guardians to frequently visit the HCS webpage, and follow our social media for up-to-date and accurate information. Learn more about your children’s remote instructional day by visiting their school web pages. Access the Teacher Information page for your student's class schedule, links to assignments, lesson videos, support resources, office hours, and more.

    Many thanks for your continued support as we strive to do what is best for ALL of our students and staff during these challenging times. Remember, you are an essential part of your child’s success on our coherence journey this year!

    Dr. Eric L. Cunningham,