Remote Learning Plan

  • Tyrana Battle In the face of a pandemic, we agree that COVID-19 changed education as we once knew it. However, the work of education remains the same in our new normal –which is “meeting of student needs”. With that said, I invite you to explore this webpage of Reopening of Schools resources to learn more about "how" we remain focused upon empowering students to be successful global residents. Our systematic "how-to" processes are throughout this messaging resource. Be sure to read the Executive Summary for the reopening of schools and the HCS' Reopening Processes. Here, you will find the mapping of HCS’ structuring of the quality and implementation of a sound basic education.

    First-hand information is the key to building trust when trailblazing challenging paths together. Our eyes and ears remain open to community conversations, innovations, and shifts to evaluate our school community’s blended learning needs. It is my hope as a community that we employ both knowledge and courage while braving the way to the reopening of schools in the safest and most rigorous learning possible.  We're yet  cheering our students' social-emotional learning and trails to academic success through blended platforms. For updates, continue to visit this webpage in support of the district’s reopening operations and management processes. Stay informed as we continue to trail blaze our paths forward to in-person learning.

     2021 – 2022: Conceive, Believe & Achieve, O' Yeah!

    Best regards for a trailblazing school year!

    Dr. Tyrana Battle,
    Assistant Superintendent of Administration & Accountability