New Teacher Licensure Information

  • chalkboard that says teacher licensing If you have accepted a teaching position in Halifax County Schools and do not currently hold a North Carolina Teaching License, listed below are the types of teaching license you can apply for and the necessary forms needed.

    Teacher Education Majors:

    • Form A
    • Official Transcripts for Each Degree Earned from a Regional Accredited College or University. (They must include name of institution, degree and date earned and is clear and legible.)
    • Other State License (Must be clear and legible includes copy of front and back, with code key) OR  Form V.pdf (completed and signed by recommending official at institution where approved education program was completed)
    • Copies of Test Scores from any NTE, Praxis or Other State required tests
    • Experience Forms(if Applicable)- Verified by each former employer for any prior experience
      • Form E - (Teaching or Teacher Assistant Experience)
      • Form CE - (College Experience)
      • Form NE - (Non-Teaching Experience in the field you are teaching)

    Lateral Entry License
    If you are applying for a Lateral Entry License you must complete the forms listed above along with Form LE.pdf .

    Click here for more details on the lateral entry process.