•  Career & Technical Education

    Support Staff


     Alfreda J. Smith

    CTE Coordinator

    Career Development Coordinator



    Shamika Neville

    Curriculum Instructional Management Coordinator

    Special Population Coordinator

    The LEA CTE Instructional Management Coordinator’s duties and responsibilities include:

    • Providing support to CTE teachers and personnel within the local school system
    • Assisting with implementing CTE curriculum
    • Providing technical support and training for CTE teachers and other CTE staff on utilizing the CTE computerized instructional management system
    • Providing assistance and support to CTE teachers and other CTE staff to improve the instructional process, document student learning, and improve student outcomes to ensure the success of students in a high wage, high-skill, or high-demand global economy
    • Preparing an annual Instructional Management Coordinator Calendar of Work

    The LEA CTE Instructional Management Coordinator’s major functions include:

    • Curriculum Management and Instructional Support
    • Professional Development
    • Accountability
    • Laws and Policies
    • Technology
    • Personal Work Habits

    Career Development Coordinator provides:

    Career interest inventories
    Learning styles
    Job shadowing
    Career preparation
    Job Fair information
    Filed trips to various colleges & business
    Resources for post-secondary information 
    CFNC assistance and college information 
    Job Outlook information & Department of Labor Statics 

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