Back To School

  • Back to School Preparation:

    At a minimum, there are basic things that your child needs in order to show up and learn,” says Dr. Kenya Hameed, Child Mind Institute. She recommends helping students get a strong start by setting up an environment that helps facilitate schoolwork and making sure they’re comfortable using important tools before classes begin. Some examples of this could be:

    1. Quiet Workspace:  Separate room, specific portion of a shared space or make it easier to focus in limited space with a pair of headphones and a trifold presentation board.
    2. Internet Connection: Check to see if the workspace has reliable internet connection within the workspace. 
    3. Supplies: Designate a “go-to” spot for extra supplies (pencils, paper, pencil sharpener, notebooks, erasers, glue sticks, scissors, calculator, rulers, crayons, tissues, wipes, etc.)
    4. Devices: Check with the school to confirm the distribution schedule of computer devices; attend the technology usage training and review the literature with your child.
    5. Websites/Passwords: Become familiar with logins to required websites. Store important passwords in a safe, accessible place.
    6. Reference Article: "Preparing for Back to School Success"

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