• Halifax County Schools (HCS) believes that an effective educational program must meet the needs of the “whole” child. This includes relevant support services that provide for positive academic, health, social-emotional, and psychological developments. Such services assist our students in taking full advantage of educational opportunities to receive a sound basic education.

    HCS’ Student Achievement Goal:                                                                    Halifax County Schools will drive accelerated achievement for all students to eliminate the achievement gap, with a focus on low-performing schools, the well-being of students, and professional development for teachers and other school personnel.

    The implementation of the NC Multi-Tiered System of Supports (NC MTSS) will assist in the early identification, intervention, progress monitoring, and data-driven assessment of student progress. The HCS’ educational program includes:

    • direct and indirect student services with goals that address development, early interventions, and targeted assistance.
    • a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) that endorses the collection and use of a wide variety of data and data-driven problem solving to reconcile students’ diverse needs.  
    • systems for monitoring, collecting, and reporting on the instruction and interventions schools will use to support “all” students --including the outcomes of supports.  
    • See revisions to MTSS Implementation/Guidance:


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