• Welcome to Halifax County Schools, the Lighthouse District, whereby we’re “Charting a New Course” to Student Achievement! 

    Thanks for dropping in to visit with the Department of Curriculum, Instruction & Accountability (CIA). This department is the heartbeat of the district as it provides for the academic preparation for college and career readiness for all students. Here, we take pride in crafting the best educational programs possible for our pre-kindergarten, elementary, and secondary schools in partnership with the school community. The Central Services Team and I are happy to serve and champion the development and implementation of these programs.

    As you preview or tour your program of choice, begin by reading our Safe Return to School Plan 2020-2022 and District Strategic Plan which are also located on the district’s webpage. The resounding waves of change and challenges in our society continue to impact school communities; therefore, it’s my pleasure to share that Halifax County Schools is weathering the waves by retooling its traditional education programs with the aid of new technologies. This means that we’re now better able to diversify and personalize PreK-12 learning opportunities to meet the academic and social-emotional learning needs of all HCS’ students with 1:1 computer devices, hotspots, single-sign-on learning management platform, access to grade-level digital core and supplemental curriculum, and helpdesk support.

    Learning innovations and opportunities for internships are provided as well as sought after to engage our elementary and secondary students’ interest in quality career paths that will inform their future college and career focus. We’re inviting educators, businesses, and the school community at large to partner with us in this endeavor. “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” (Helen Keller). Conceive, believe, achieve –oh yeah!

    To share your suggestions and/or comments, please use the following contact link: battlet@halifax.k12.nc.us.  I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards for a trailblazing school year!

    Dr. Tyrana Battle, Assistant SuperintendentBattle