MTSS Parent Resources

  • What can I expect with MTSS?

    • Students receiving explicit and systematic instruction: 1) delivered by a highly qualified teacher, 2) with evidence-based practices & appropriate resources, 3) within a supportive learning environment, 4) with an emphasis on students successfully accessing core curriculum. 
    • Differentiated instructional approach to meet students’ need in the regular classroom setting through a multi-tiered instructional framework
    • Bi-weekly progress monitoring updates of student progress
    • Early warning of academic or behavioral concerns at the first significant signs of difficulty.
    • Information and involvement in planning and providing intervention to help your child.
    • Communication about how your child is responding to the interventions being provided.

    What should I do if I believe my child is struggling?

    • Be proactive. Move forward with scheduling a conference with your child’s teacher to discuss progress monitoring outcomes. During the conference, ask “What should my child know and be able to do at this grade level and at this time of year”.
    • Reflect on the student’s study habits: completion of homework, social-emotional needs, attendance, health, nutrition, sleep habits, time on tasks, and or changes in family dynamics: loss of income, death, low self-esteem; then, schedule a conference with the school counselor as needed. 
    • Consider adding online practice of skill development over the weekends. Speak with your child’s teacher for additional off-camp work to assist in skill development.
    • Review and provide feedback on homework assignments. Tell what the student did well and point out any areas of weakness for further development.
    • Anticipate all progress monitoring reports, and talk with your child about his progress and next goal.
    • Celebrate your child’s success. Learn more about the curriculum, assessments, and interventions being used in your child’s school.
    • If you feel that your child has a learning disability, request an evaluation. The Student Assistant team will use a data-based problem-solving process to determine if your child should be referred for additional services.


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