Pre-K Readiness

  • The North Carolina Foundations for Early Learning and Development guide (referred to as Foundations), serves as a shared vision for what the state of NC wants for its children and answers the question “What should we be helping children learn before kindergarten?” 

    The North Carolina Foundations for Early Learning and Development Guide explains, that children’s experiences before they enter school matter—and that research shows children who experience high-quality care and education, and who enter school well prepared, are more successful in school and later in their lives. North Carolina has been a national leader in the effort to provide high-quality care and education for young children. Programs and services such as NC Pre-K promote children’s learning and development.

    By providing a common set of Goals and Developmental Indicators for children from birth through kindergarten entry, our hope is that parents, educators, administrators, and policy makers can together do the best job possible to provide experiences that help children be well prepared for success in school and life. You will find that the guide provides important information that parent and guardians need in order to use Foundations effectively. The purpose of the guide is discussed, how it should be used, and what’s included. Questions that you might have are also listed with a response, all in an effort to help parents and guardians to understand and use Foundations as a guide for what we want children to learn during their earliest years.



NC Foundation for Early Learning and Development