Specialized Instructional Support

  • Specialized Support Services:

    Specialized support

    Specialized Instructional Support Personnel (SISP) organize the role of their work around the non-academic barriers that interfere with students’ access to a sound, basic education. Their supports put the student at the center while engaging key community stakeholders in support of student’s health and wellbeing. Specialized Instructional Support Personnel (counselors, school nurses, school psychologists, and school social workers) address non-academic barriers via a team approach, particularly as they relate to the physical and mental health of our students.

    • School counselors, school nurses, school psychologists, and school social workers each have unique and important roles to play in supporting students' school success.
    • If the Specialized Instructional Support Personnel is not present as part of an integrated team providing a continuum of services, students may not receive the support that they need to be successful.
    • The SISP function is an integrated, team approach within schools. Each role is equally important and interdependent with the other roles, with the shared goal of supporting the needs of the whole child.
    • SISP collaborates with the entire school staff and community to ensure that students’ academic, physical, social, emotional, and mental health needs are addressed. (Students and Families)