• Why implement a Multi-tiered System of Support (MTSS) in Halifax County Schools?

    An MTSS framework structures the organization and implementation of a tiered instructional continuum to support learning for ALL students (including students with diverse cognitive disabilities). The constructs of tiered support have the potential to meet the academic and behavioral needs of all students. Halifax County Schools is “charting a new” course to student achievement. The NC Multi-Tiered System of Supports (NC MTSS) framework aligns with the District’s school improvement focus for improved teaching and learning. Implementation of the NC MTSS ensures equity in addressing each student’s academic, behavioral, and social-emotional learning needs.

    The Superintendent’s “initial” comprehensive walkthroughs and observations, noted the following systemic big-rock findings as targets for change and recovery of learning loss:  

    1. Some students are several years behind with “major” skill deficits.
    2. There is not enough time in the school day to address students' deficits; therefore, Halifax County Schools need to take a proactive approach to teaching and learning.
    3. Each principal has their own view of how to address instructional issues apart from the HCS Central Services.
    4. Principals know there’s a problem, but need to think strategically with the help of HCS Central Services to address school needs.
    5. HCS Central Services need to assist principals in working with teachers to maximize instructional time on a daily basis.

    The NC MTSS framework will support monitoring of achievement in core learning environments, curriculum, instruction, data evaluation, attendance, core behavior, resources, data-driven decision making, district-wide collaboration with key stakeholders, and accountability measures.

Dr. Tyrana Battle, Assistant Superintendent