Remote Alternative Learning

Alternative Remote Learning
  • Vision:  Halifax County Schools will focus on the needs of the students by empowering them to be successful global residents. 

    Mission: To create a supportive and positive learning environment to address the needs of the whole-student in partnership with  educators, staff, parents, and communities.

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    Halifax County Schools offers Remote Alternative Learning Options to:  


    Remote Learning Definition: In NC K-12 public schools, remote learning is defined as learning that takes place outside of the traditional school setting using various media and formats (examples: downloaded content onto school-issued computer devices, textbook materials, online material, learning management systems, etc).

  • I.   The Halifax County Schools Board of Education recognizes that online instruction is a valuable tool for affording students extended educational options.  HCS will provide opportunities for students to participate in remote instruction to the extent that it is academically and financially prudent. 

    1. School counselors shall advise students on North Carolina Virtual Public School courses and other online courses available for credit. 
    2. Enrollment in an online for a high school course will count toward satisfying board requirements related to minimum instructional days, seat time policies, student attendance, and athletic and/or extracurricular obligations.
    3. A student, with the principal’s prior approval, may enroll in an online course with assistance from the school's remote learning advisor. 
    4. School counselors will serve as the remote learning advisor, who will be responsible for coordinating the enrollment of students in online courses, monitoring students’ progress in those courses, and supervising any required testing. 
    5. The principal shall ensure that the remote learning advisor implements a plan for supporting credit recovery students throughout the semester.
    6. Regulations are consistent with the State Board of Education requirements and the HCS' policy for students enrolling in online instruction.

    II.   Getting Started: HCS' Remote Alternative Learning Options

    For more information about HCS' Remote Alternative Learning Options, contact your child's school guidance counselor to:

    • Receive clarifying information about Halifax County Schools' Alternative Learning Options' design qualities
    • Complete the request for an Identified High-Risk Alternative Learning Agreement 
    • Schedule a student & parent-teacher Alternative Learning Orientation  

    III.  Essential Questions

    A.  How will the HCS' Remote Alternative Learning Options meet the needs of identified at-risk students? 

    Halifax County Schools will partner with families and key stakeholders to serve identified at-risk students' tiered educational needs. These students will be given an opportunity to learn the skills necessary to redirect their education outside the standard classroom setting. The HCS Alternative Learning Options: 

    • Provide the primary instructional design qualities for identified at-risk students beyond the standard classroom
    • Enroll students for a designated period of time (not drop-in)
    • Offer course credit and/or credit in core academic areas
    • Assist students in meeting requirements for graduation     

    B. What is meant by a student identified as "at-risk"? 

    Any students who may experience school failure unless interventions outside the classroom occur to reduce the risk factors. Circumstances that often place students at risk may include but are not limited to:

    • identified health risk behaviors
    • identified disabilities
    • poor school attendance/truancy 
    • homelessness
    • negative peer influence
    • documented unmanageable classroom behavior
    • multiple grade retentions (over-aged student)
    • interruptions due to documented family hardship(s) (medical, financial, death, and catastrophic event) 

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